The Power of 2.5
Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water

A Water That Will Change The Way
You Look At Protecting Yourself and Your Family

Have you heard of  Life Support Water?  Now meet its OPPOSITE, the water that will change the way you look at protecting your family against food-borne illness, wound infections and the spread of germs.

The Amazing "EO Water" Used By Top Doctors in Japanese Hospitals

It's been known for decades.  It's called Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water or EO Water.  It's killed EVERY type of bacteria, virus, and single-celled organism against which its ever been tested.  There are too many bacteria to test every one of them, but nothing it's been tested against has survived more than 2 minutes.  The "holdout" was a food poisoning bacteria called Bacillus cereus, because most of the rest of  the bugs died in less than 30 seconds!

~ Dr Paul and Colleen

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